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  • One Sunday team meeting per month, after 2nd service (~9 months/year)
  • 30-minute Sunday volunteer shifts (after 1st or 2nd service) during a project, to accept donations and/or hand out fliers (~8 shifts/year)


  • Passion about helping others in the surrounding community through our Outreach projects
  • A people person – willing to talk with congregants about Outreach projects and how they can participate
  • Dependable – shows up for shifts and participates in the process
  • Friendly, positive demeanor willing to collaborate and support team members and projects


    • Outreach team members determine, plan and execute the various Outreach projects for the Center. Our team meets once a month (~9 times a year) to determine and plan projects.


    • When a project is happening, our team members staff the Outreach table in Fellowship Hall after 1st and 2nd services, hand out project information fliers to the congregation and talk to them about how they can support the project, and accept the donations brought in by the congregation. We also thank the congregation for their donations and encourage them to be involved. Team members are a critical element in getting the congregation excited and participating in the Outreach projects. Team members often answer questions about the Outreach team, the current project, and about the benefiting organization (e.g., Second Harvest Food Bank, Family Giving Tree, etc.). This information is provided and discussed in team meetings.


      • Outreach Training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It is scheduled at your convenience.

Kids Music 300 Outreach printable job description