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Membership at the Center


Center for Spiritual Living San Jose

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An Invitation to Partnership:  What Membership Means


The decision to identify yourself as a member of Center for Spiritual Living San Jose is something that happens in your heart as a result of your careful exploration of the teachings and practices of Science of Mind. The New Member Orientation Class is designed to give you sufficient information to determine if becoming a member is the right choice for you at this time.


Membership implies an affiliation with the philosophy of Science of Mind and a commitment to becoming a steward of this community, its assets, and its future. Our members are vitally involved in our community; more than just loose associations, we commit to be there for each other, holding one another in times of sickness and sorrow, and celebrating one another in times of joy and success.  It is presumed, therefore, that an individual will become a member after becoming familiar with the teaching and culture of the Center by attending the New Member Orientation Class.


A member is one who is vitally involved in an organization. Our vision for our members is that they are alive with genuine spirituality that improves the quality of their daily experience. This aliveness becomes a beneficial contribution to their families, workplace, and community. Science of Mind is spread throughout the world by the example of its members.

Committing Oneself to Membership is a Threefold Commitment

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Membership is a commitment to living the Science of Mind philosophy. This means that you are willing to learn about and to apply Science of Mind in daily life. In addition, members also commit to remaining loyal to the Center, its leadership and the congregation, through their words and deeds; choosing to resolve any conflict or concern in a loving and responsible manner.


Membership is a commitment to enter into community with the existing members. This means deepening your level of participation from that of “observer” to “owner” through volunteering time and skill; attending events, classes, workshops, and other activities, as appropriate to your life; and attending the Annual Member Gathering.


Members support the Center’s commitment and vision through their actions, attitudes and prayers. Members agree to give financially (via the annual Intentional Giving Program or its equivalent), which demonstrates a pattern and a rhythm – and creates consciousness.

Considerations and Commitment of Membership

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  • Attending services regularly
  • Serving as a volunteer at the Center
  • Deepening one’s learning of the 5-point balanced spiritual practice
  • Participating in the Annual Member Gathering (Becoming a member of record affords voting privileges in annual elections, changes to by-laws, etc.)
  • Supporting the Center financially via the annual Intentional Giving Program


What are the Benefits of Membership?

  • To increase your personal commitment to your own spiritual growth
  • To strengthen your experience of being fully alive and living with purpose

New Member Orientation


New Member Orientation

The Path to Membership is a 4-week journey to becoming a member of CSL San José.

You will explore the core spiritual principles and practices of successful living and learn how to apply Science of Mind teachings to your daily life. You will meet key leaders from the Board of Directors, Practitioner Core, and staff.

See the Education Page for more details.

New Member Sunday

A week or two after the New Member Orientation class, the entire congregation will confirm, honor, and welcome new members into our spiritual community during our Sunday Service. New Member Sunday is a life-changing event that is not to be missed!

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