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Ministers, Staff & Board of Trustees


Rev. Rasheryl McCreary Senior Minister & Spiritual Director
Rev. Rasheryl is the Spiritual Director and CEO of Center for Spiritual Living San José. Prior to taking the helm at CSLSJ, Rasheryl was an Executive Leadership Coach, keynote speaker, and the CEO of TAO Leadership Development, Inc. where she has trained/coached leaders in organizations such as: American Express, P&G, HBO, PayPal, and Harvard Business School.
Rasheryl was also a professional actor and Founding Executive Director of a non-profit organization. For her work she was awarded the Northern Ohio Live Award of Achievement and the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, among others.
Most importantly, Rasheryl grew up in SOM, has been a member of eleven CSL churches, and has studied with esteemed leaders of our movement. In 1993 she became a licensed Practitioner under the tutelage of Michael Beckwith at Agape and graduated from Ministerial School at Holmes Institute in June 2021.
Rasheryl has served the greater CSL community as a member of the CSL Leadership Council, a keynote/guest speaker, workshop/retreat facilitator, Board and business consultant and leadership coach to CSL Centers.
Rasheryl is thrilled to call CSL San José home!
Rev. Jeff Hargis
Assistant Minister
During a particular hike up a mountain that he did hundreds of times, Rev. Jeff Hargis had an epiphany, or perhaps even a call from God that there must be more to this thing called Life. From that point forward, he started living consciously, loving intentionally, and creating powerfully.

Rev. Jeff has an eclectic background. He has a Master’s in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems, and as of January 2022, is a graduate from Holmes Institute School of Leadership. He has worked in manufacturing, home building, and technology as well as 8 years at his Spiritual Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

“I feel like all of this past experience has brought me to this exact perfect place as the Assistant Minister at CSL San Jose and I am beyond thrilled to be serving this community.”
Rev. Marcia BencalaRev. Marcia Bencala
Staff Minister
Rev. Franklin Privette Rev. Franklin Privette
Staff Minister
Rev. Franklin recently returned to our Center after serving for five years as a staff minister at the Music City Center for Spiritual Living in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to that, CSLSJ had been his spiritual home since 1985. He served our center in various capacities including ten years as a Licensed Practitioner before becoming a minister.

A former farmer, Naval Officer, scientist, property manager and high school Biology teacher, Rev. Franklin is now retired. At our center he enjoys supporting our licensed Practitioners, facilitating classes and spiritual counseling.
Rev. Maureen RossRev. Maureen Ross
Staff Minister
Becoming as an RScP and, subsequently, a minister allowed Rev. Maureen to weave together a platform based on compassion, bereavement and end-of-life counseling, life changes, and spirituality for the whole of our lives. Ministry creates a beautiful connection within the community, she says, as we show up for each other in these very real lives, in this startling and sometimes heart-breaking world, heart to heart.

She brings to ministry 15 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist specializing trauma, grief and loss, family growth, and tools and practice for respectful and genuine communication. In Compassionate Care she coordinates and officiates End-of-Life/ Celebrations of Life, Weddings, Child Blessings and Animal Blessings. She also teaches spiritual care and counseling at the local level to ministerial students, interns and students of psychology, and health care professionals.


Jennifer Bick

Jennifer Bick

Youth and Family
Jenn was brought up with a unique mixture of spiritual practices, i.e., traditional Catholicism with psychic practices/beliefs sprinkled on the top. In 1989, “new thought” entered the picture, leading to her licensing as a Practitioner in 2011 and embracing her second stint as Youth Director.
Jenn loves the growth and development of the Youth Program and is excited about the opportunities it is creating for her to be in service to the whole community. Although there are many aspects to the Youth & Family programs, she is most passionate about (1) sharing our spiritual practices with our youngest members and building relationships for our families through events and programs that serve and include them.

Janet Souza Cervantes

Bookstore Manager
A native of San Jose, Janet is a retired occupational therapist who specialized in providing treatment for children and adults with a variety of developmental disabilities.
Janet enjoys travel. Special trips have included visiting Spain and Portugal, and also Italy with her family. She loves to read, loves animals, gardening and cooking.
Janet has attended CSL San Jose since 2014. Janet sees managing the Book
Store as her ministry at CSL. She hopes that the Book Store is viewed as a peaceful, loving space for people to gather and find inspiration. She welcomes your ideas and would love to have you as a volunteer for the Book Store!


Julie Moss
Chair, Board of Trustees
Susan JamesDr. Susan James
Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees
Dr. Susan began her CSL journey in 1984 at the Washington D.C. Center for Spiritual Living (then called United Church of Religious Science) As a former commercial property manager; she brings expertise in finance, management, and marketing to the board.

Blending business acumen with her current career as a psychotherapist, Dr. Susan provides sensitivity, compassion and a dedication to be of service to others.
Mitsie Smith
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Mitsie first stepped through the doors of the Center for Spiritual Living San Jose in 2003 and knew she found her new spiritual home. She has served in numerous capacities over the years including Director of Compassionate Care, Co-lead for several large fundraisers, and Facilitated classes and Practitioner Studies. She has held her Practitioner License since 2009. She participated in the Values-Based Organization Assessment before joining the Board of Trustees in 2015. During her tenure on the Board, she spearheaded a capital reserve assessment to ensure the second most important asset, the physical building, was fully assessed for the purpose of future capital expenditure budgeting and replacement planning.

Mitsie has owned her thriving commercial property management company since 2007 and brings with her a business mindset while integrating spiritual principles into all decisions. She is highly skilled in finance, budgeting, marketing, and facility management. She has sat on the Boards of several non-profits over the last 30 years and has a passion for giving back to better serve her community.
Susanne MulcahySusanne Mulcahy
Secretary, Board of Trustees
Susanne brings the best of nonprofit and business wisdom. She is committed to valuing and utilizing all of our resources as effectively as possible. As a result, she sees that we co-create an organization that lives, breathes and exemplifies the Global Heart Vision with a World that Works for Everyone.

Susanne brings a background of 25+ years as a nonprofit professional. Previous to joining the non-profit sector, she was in banking. Currently, as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), she has a Coaching and Consulting practice focused on Executive/Leadership Coaching and Nonprofit Consulting.
Rev. Rasheryl McCreary
Member at Large, Board of Trustees, Senior Minister & Spiritual Director
As the Senior Minister & Spiritual Director, Rev. Rasheryl is an ongoing member of the Board of Trustees. She functions not only as a voting member but as a historian to assure that there is a continuity of vision and accountability on the part of the Board.