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Prayer Practitioners

Debbie BelmessieriDebbie Belmessieri

Debbie became a Prayer Practitioner for personal spiritual unfoldment. In addition, she wished to assist others in recognizing and revealing their own Truth. Currently operating a business in the coffee industry, she is particularly called to ministering in the areas of relationships, pet issues (including the loss of a pet), and general Science of Mind principles.

Licensed as RScP: 2012 - Ministry: Animal Connection - Prac Sessions: In-person & phone
Jennifer BickJennifer Bick
Jenn’s commitment to the youth and family at our Center became her incentive to enter practitioner studies. In the process, she was convinced that she would deepen her own understanding of the Science of Mind principles and practices. As a teacher, Jenn’s career embraces the public school system as well as the Youth & Family arm of our Center. Thus, she is particularly drawn to ministering in that area as well as in the areas of elder care, prosperity and health.

RScP since 2011 – Ministery: Youth & Family – Prac Sessions: In-person & phone
Barbara BirdBarbara Bird
Her love of God and her deep call to serve God, led Barb into her practitioner studies. In addition to her RScP status, Barb is a psychotherapist. Most importantly, she is drawn to spiritual guidance in any area of need, be it relationships, elder care, career, youth & family, grief/loss, prosperity, health, and general Science of Mind principles.

Licensed as RScP: 2010 - Ministry: Prayer for CSL World - Prac Sessions: In-person, phone & Skype
Laura ChasmarLaura Chasmar
Laura was first introduced to New Thought as a young child. She went deeper into the teachings as a young adult but then stopped. However, Divine operation is always working for our best and highest good which brought Laura into a different church experience leading to CSLSJ. This newly found journey gave her opportunities with new discoveries in a new church with a new minister who was young, energetic, and vibrant with Spiritual understanding named Reverend David Bruner. Twenty years later she was called to go even deeper into her spiritual practice by becoming a Practitioner. “I am excited to be on this beautiful spiritual journey of discovery”.
Chuck CornelisonChuck Cornelison
Called to go deeper in his spiritual exploration, CJ simply felt that the practitioner path was the next logical step. He never anticipated that it would be such a wonderful journey. As a NASA Research Scientist/Engineer, CJ is drawn to the challenges that health as well as general Science of Mind principles pose for his clients.

Licensed as RScP: 2010 - Prac Sessions: In-person & phone
Karen FedorKaren Fedor
Initially, Karen dived into practitioner studies as a means to learn more and deepen her spiritual practice. Later, she discovered that prayer and praying became her favorite experiences. Karen is particularly fond of working with clients who have issues regarding relationships, elder care, as well as grief/loss concerns.

Licensed as RScP: 2014 - Ministry: Music—Spirit Jam - Prac Sessions: In-person, phone & Skype
Phyllis GallagherPhyllis Gallagher
BJ King BJ King
Arriving at the Center some 32 years ago, BJ was impressed with the work of the practitioners at the time. Eventually, she felt called to become one herself. Currently, a motivational speaker and developer of Playshops, BJ specializes in guidance counseling regarding, elder care, career, youth & family, grief/loss, prosperity, health and general Science of Mind principles.

RScP Emeritus - Ministry: Community Altar - Prac Sessions: In-person & phone
Laurie LynchLaurie Rockstad
Initially, Laurie entered practitioner studies to go deeper for herself. Later, the desire to assist others in applying the Science of Mind principles evolved. As a middle school and high school teacher, Laurie is particularly adept at meeting an individual wherever they are for a guidance session. She currently lives in Utah.

Licensed as RScP: 2001 - Prac Sessions: In-person & phone

Patrick LynchPatrick Lynch
Becoming a practitioner was the means through which Patrick deepened and became more aware of his connection to God. He is a Product Manager and as an ardent supporter of a 12-step program.

Licensed as RScP: 2013 – Prac Sessions: In-person
Laura Graham MarquardLaura Graham-Marquard
Laura’s willingness to participate in deep inner spiritual work changed her life through the transformative power of knowing Truth which led her to her practitioner studies. As a Choreographer and dance/pilates/yoga instructor, Laura experiences the connection among the body, mind and Spirit. For spiritual guidance counseling, she prefers working in the areas of general Science of Mind principles.

Licensed as RScP: 2008 - Ministry: Youth & Family - Prac Sessions: In-person
Dorlene RussellDorlene Russell
In the midst of personal crisis, Dorlene decided to try God! A choice to live her life using God’s unlimited vision of her encouraged the desire to help others do the same. In her multi-faceted career as a Spiritual Life Coach, a yoga instructor and PR Director, she makes room for spiritual guidance focusing in the areas of relationship, career, youth & family, prosperity, health and general Science of Mind principles.

Licensed as RScP: 2011 - Ministry: Ministry of Prayer - Prac Sessions: In-person, phone & Skype
Debbie SlaytonDebbie Slayton
Debbie believed the Center’s “Welcome Home” and began using the Center as a Launchpad for a new beginning. Her studies gave her the tools to mirror for other to find the God within. Although a retired Graphics Designer, Debbie remains heavily involved in creating God’s beauty in our Center. She is present to whatever need presents itself by her clients.

RScP since 2007 – Prac Sessions: In-person & phone
Mitsie B. Smith
Becoming a practitioner was Mitsie’s goal when she discovered the power of affirmative prayer. Consequently, she wanted to be accessible to others in the same way that others had held her highest good for her. Mitsie is in Commercial Property Management and always makes herself available to those wanting Prayer. She prefers issues related to career, prosperity and general Science of Mind principles.

RScP since 2013 – Ministry: Bd. of Trustees – Prac Sessions: In-person & phone
Mattilon VanderhorstMattilon Vanderhorst
Initially, Mattilon took classes for improvement of health conditions. As she continued with her class work, she discovered that she was eligible for Practitioner status. Without hesitation, she continued. As a retired Social Worker, Mattilon remains actively involved in community service and also does spiritual guidance counseling in prosperity and health.

RScP Emeritus - Prac Sessions: Referrals only
Ron WadeRon Wade
Called to be a practitioner, Ron had no choice but to follow the call. Ron spends his days working in Business Development/Marketing. Threading through his days and evenings is his time on the business of the Center and holding spiritual guidance sessions. His areas of preference are relationships, career, prosperity and general Science of Mind principles.

Licensed as RScP: 2012 - Ministry: Prac Mgt Liaison - Prac Sessions: In-person & phone