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Mission Statement:

The Animal Connections leadership and volunteers are called to serve and support the needs of all animals, great and small, to inspire in all persons a respect, love and consciousness for the well-being for all living creatures domesticated or wild. We strive to demonstrate a path of being in the world that allows for a way of thinking that connects all, animal and human, as a Global Heart.


Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Animal Connections Group at the Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose is multi-faceted. First and foremost, the Animal Connections Group provides high watch for all of God’s creations in animal form. Whether domesticated or wild, the well-being of all animals is vital to the wholeness for the consciousness of the Global Heart.


Through the Center for Spiritual Living volunteers are sought to support the direct pet care needs of its community. Those needs may range from education of pet care, exposure to different supporting organizations such as adopting pets; where to surrender a pet; animal control; wildlife services; affordable veterinary services; donations to various groups to help support pets without homes; affirmative prayer for pets suffering from any distress; prayer for the pets’ loving caretakers during times of loss and grief.


Get Involved: The Center for Spiritual Living San Jose Animal Connections Team meets monthly on the third Sunday from 12:30-1:30 PM. Our team continues to grow, extending our services and providing access to resources for all of those who love and embrace our beloved pets who, in turn, love us unconditionally.


Find out about the many different ways to become part of the Animal Connections team: AnimalConnection [at] or 408-439-8428

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