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Spiritual Study is one of the five pillars of a balanced Spiritual Practice. It is a way of living for “staying in the conversation,” understanding our philosophy more fully and experiencing a shift in your perspective.  We provide an array of rich opportunities to “change your thinking and change your life!”

We call our educational program “Center for Spiritual Living University.”  Generally, there are two types of classes: the “Certificated Classes” (courses certified by “Home Office” to fulfill pre-practitioner requirements or advanced student needs) and “Enrichment” (classes/workshops designed to encourage skill transfer from the course to everyday life). Both types of spiritual study are offered so that you may find exactly what you need to enrich your own unique journey!

I am transformed more with every class. ~Jim P.

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 Events & Ongoing Group Meetings

Events & Meetings

Join us for all of our exciting events: From thank you events, concerts and fun-raisers to regularly scheduled meetings of our Connection Groups or the Community Collaborative – you’ll find what’s happening here:  Events & gatherings
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