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God can be realized through all paths….
The important thing is to reach the roof. 

Welcome to our Under One Roof Campaign!


To learn more and to make your gift or pledge, click on the links below.


Here you will learn about the significant investment we are making in the imperative restoration of our Center, which will serve you, and our local and virtual communities, for decades to come.


As you read this page and visit the related links below, please consider making a generous gift or pledge in an amount that is meaningful to you. Your gift or pledge can be paid over time, up to 3 years (36 months).


Under One Roof is a major project calling for the deep engagement of our whole community…

…may this include YOU!


Project Summary

Our physical home for Center for Spiritual Living San José has stood at 1195 Clark Street for decades. The space we occupy for Sunday Services, rites of passage, education, community building, uplifting entertainment and more holds both our memories and our hearts in equal parts.


When Rev. Dr. David began his tenure as Senior Minister and Spiritual Director in 1999, he learned that the Center was 13 years into a 12-year roof replacement plan. The roof was intended to be completely replaced in 2002. That did not take place as planned; instead, prayers, buckets, and duct tape have served to keep the roof intact, albeit well past its useful life.


The time has come to make good on the original intent from 1990 – restoring our spiritual home base by restoring our roof! Without a new roof, our ability to safely sustain our presence, our practices, and our people would be at risk.


We are therefore excited and grateful to launch Under One Roof – a community fundraising campaign whose focus on restoring our spiritual home base will usher in the next generation of possibility for all we can be together, both under the roof at 1195 Clark Street, and under your roof as we connect with you virtually in new and exciting ways!


Help shelter the work we do every day, moving towards our shared vision of A World that Works for Everyone – please make a gift or pledge that is meaningful to you, which can be fulfilled over the course of up to 3 years (36 months).


To learn more and to make your gift or pledge, click on the links below.

Questions? Please email Under One Roof Tri-Chairs David Field, Susanne Mulcahy and Mitzi Smith at UnderOneRoof (at)


Donation Form (PDF)
Prayer submission for Time Capsule

Construction Plan

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