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Strategic Plan

In 2017, the Board of Trustees ratified the Center’s first-ever Strategic Plan, the culmination of dedicated work among the Board of Trustees, Trustees emeriti, staff, ministers, team leaders and volunteers working together to vision, research and create our Strategic Plan 2017-2020, representing nearly 2,000 person-hours.


The purpose of a strategic plan is to intentionally focus the precious energy and resources of an organization so that talent, time and money are most effectively and efficiently utilized for the greatest impact, in support of shared vision, mission, values and purpose.


Strategic Plan Goals 2017-2020

Five strategic goals direct and guide Center activities, along with proposed tactics and metrics to measure progress toward each goal. Together, these five goals form the strategy to move the Center closer to its Vision.

The Strategic Plan sets forth that by the end of 2020 the Center…

  1. Is a vibrant, thriving spiritual organization energized and operated by a highly effective team of Board of Trustees, ministers, practitioners, staff and volunteers, each striving to fulfill the mission, purpose, vision and values of the Center. (People)
  2. Provides a robust educational platform that offers quality and diverse facilitators and subjects for a deeper understanding of Science of Mind, in an environment (in-person, virtual, and online) that invites purposeful, transformative and enriching experiences that foster a richer relationship with God, spiritual and personal development and transformation. (Education)
  3. Provides a wide variety of ways to engage, participate and volunteer through multiple offerings and opportunities to connect and be of service to others. (Engagement)
  4. Circulates abundance throughout the Center, reflected in the thriving interdependence of our finances, our people, and our relationships. (Abundance)
  5. Is a hub of local area, community-based events and activities that support personal and community transformation, through involvement and visibility in the surrounding geographic community, across all boundaries and groups. (Hub)


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