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Special Events

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Kids Music 300
Team Lead: Rev. Susan Overland
Email: Events [at]
Phone: 408-294-1828 x115


    As needed for periodic special events that come up.


  • Friendly, outgoing and flexible with cheerful presence
  • Able to take and follow directions (sometimes from more than one person) and work on a team
  • Some skill with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint & Excel) is helpful though not required
  • Able to work a copy machine
  • Attention to detail and focused, observant
  • Can function in a busy environment with frequent interruptions
  • Perfectly happy if the work is non-glamorous!
  • Physically able to set up and take down tables and chairs


    There are periodic special events that are hosted at the Center: Ordinations, Ministerial School Graduations, special receptions, concerts, special speaker events, etc. The volunteers on this team are willing to be called on an as-needed basis. They set up rooms and/or clean up after the event, they greet, host, serve food or beverages, and – most importantly – they pay attention to details and remain flexible and cooperative!


    Training is conducted by the staff member or the lead for that particular event. Expect to attend one or more planning meetings as well as a post-event discussion.

Kids Music 300 Special Events Assistant printable job description