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Senior Minister Search

August 2021 to June 2022
SEARCH TEAM of diverse demographic members including former Board of Trustees,
Practitioners, Volunteers, Ministers
  • August-November:
    • Board of Trustees (BoT) established Search Team (ST); ST designed process and timeline
  • December:
    • ST conducted 17 interviews with staff, volunteers, and members
    • ST led congregation in visioning for CSLSJ and the new minister
  • January:
    • Created Senior Minister job description based on data collected from interviews and visioning
    • Coordinated with CSL home office on process and procedures for job search
  • February:
    • ST and BoT created Center Profile to post on official CSL job board
    • ST wrote the script and managed the creation of Open Pulpit Video
    • CSLSJ Senior Minister job posted for 3 months, as required by CSL Home office
  • February to March:
    • ST created list of interview questions and rating tools for the interview process
  • May to June:
    • ST interviewed each applicant twice, reviewed social media presence, and reviewed videos of recent talks by each applicant
    • ST provided a 40 page detailed report of outcomes and recommendations to BoT
June 2022 to August 2022
TEAM of CSLSJ members including BoT, Staff, Practitioners, Ministers
  • Board of Trustees (BoT) interviewed each applicant recommended by the Search Team
  • BoT advanced two applicants to become Candidates for Senior Minister of CSLSJ
  • Team consisting of a staff member, a practitioner and minister interviewed the two Candidates
  • Candidating Weekends planned by BoT
  • Candidates invited and arrangements made to host the Candidates
  • BoT created online feedback surveys for congregation to provide their input on the Candidates.
August 2022
Candidating Weekends for the Congregation
  • Each candidate given dedicated weekend at CSLSJ:
    • Delivered sermon at both Services
    • Held hybrid question and answer session after second Service
    • Delivered hybrid mini-workshop
  • Congregation provided feedback about each Candidate via surveys
  • 222 Service surveys submitted
  • 98 workshop surveys submitted
  • Each Candidate met with practitioners and ministers
  • Each Candidate met with Staff
September to December 2022
Decision & Hiring Process
Transition & Onboarding
    • BoT consolidated and considered input from all stakeholders
    • BoT met several times to determine the best Candidate for CSLSJ
    • BoT voted unanimously on next Senior Minister
    • Offer made to chosen Candidate who accepts and becomes Senior Minister Apparent
    • Start-date confirmed
    • Senior Minister Apparent to take the pulpit
    • Senior Minister Apparent to shadow Rev. Dr. David Bruner and Staff
    • Special Membership meeting to be held on November 13, 2022 to vote to affirm Senior Minister Apparent
    • Senior Minister Apparent to be confirmed as Senior Minister upon the affirmative vote of our Membership
    • Rev. Dr. David Bruner to become Minister Emeritus
    • 12/2: Dr. David’s Retirement Event
    • 12/18: Dr. David’s last Sunday