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Office Support

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Kids Music 300
Team Lead: Raquel Watjen
Email: FrontOffice [at]
Phone: 408-294-1828 x123


  • Tuesday through Thursday, flexible hours between 10-5 PM.
  • We ask that you make an initial 6-month commitment.


  • Friendly, outgoing and flexible with cheerful phone and in-person-presence
  • Able to take and follow directions
  • Skilled with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint & Excel)
  • Able to work a copy machine
  • Attention to detail and focused, observant
  • Can function in a busy environment with frequent interruptions
  • Perfectly happy if the work is non-glamorous!


    Our mid-week volunteers are such a gift to the staff at the Center. They handle everything from answering the phones and door bell – sometimes just so that the staff can have an uninterrupted meeting or focused time to get their work done! They make copies, run errands, clean whiteboards, put things in alphabetical order, create file folders, mail letters, hang posters… a myriad of office tasks that need to be done! There’s nothing “sexy” about it, but our gratitude is REAL!


    Training is given by the staff member that needs the task(s) completed on an as-needed basis.

Kids Music 300 Office Support printable job description