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Kitchen Angel

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Team Lead: Bonnie Cartwright
Email: KitchenTeam [at]


    Typically one Sunday per month, before or after 1st or 2nd service (details below).


  • Friendly/Outgoing. Team-oriented and able to work and move around in an often busy, noisy room (putting out food, occasionally cutting and serving cake or refilling food and drinks, removing empty platters, etc.)
  • Able to follow instructions – both verbal or from written/photo instructions
  • Dependable! This is important


Coffee Setup Angels:

    • (one Sun per month 8:30-9:30 AM, or come at 8:15 AM if you wish to be done in time to attend 1st service) Set-up angels brew and fill the thermoses of regular coffee, plus the carafes of decaf coffee; they also put out the carafes of hot water for tea. They set the coffee table and the counter with all of the needed supplies (warmers, stirrers, napkins, sugar, creamer, etc.) Cookies are plated (for both services) and the Love Offering Jar is set out.

Coffee Clean-up Angels:

    • (one Sun per month approx. 12:30-1:00 PM) Clean-up Angels clear the coffee table and the counters, making sure everything is washed, dried and put away – basically leaving the kitchen the way you found it, if not better! Also, the money in the Love Offering Jar is counted, recorded on a collection report and placed in an envelope in the drop safe.

Special Events Angels:

    (as needed) These angels are called to periodically assist by providing food items for special events (i.e., Annual Membership Mtg., Ordination Receptions, etc.) They typically opt to make or bake something, purchase it or donate cash for Bonnie to get it for you. Details are usually discussed by email or phone. They are also asked at these special events to be the hospitable and helpful team for our guests and sometimes assisting with cleanup afterwards.


    • All Kitchen Angels are trained by Bonnie and there are also checklists available in the event Bonnie
    is not present.

Kids Music 300 Kitchen Angel printable job description