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Global Heart Choir

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Kids Music 300
Team Lead: Rev. Queen Michelle Jordan
Email: Choir [at]


  • Choir Season: January – June, 1st Sunday
  • Praise and Worship Team: 3rd Sundays
  • Back-up for guest artists: some 2nd and 4th Sundays
  • One concert during the year
  • Special Events: Candlelight Service Dec. 24th, Easter, Ash Wednesday, etc.


  • Willingness to be led by Spirit
  • Ability to match pitch
  • Retain lyrics
  • Re-present!


    Choir members are asked to commit to the season: 1st Sundays January – June (July and August are typically rehearsal months).
    That does not mean you cannot have a conflict, but it does mean you let the choir director know about it in advance.
    Additionally, choir members rehearse on the 4th Mondays, 7:00 PM and the 4th Saturdays at 4:00 PM (NOTE: start times may vary).
    For those Praise & Worship Team members who are providing background vocals, rehearsals are usually on 2nd and/or 4th Saturdays at 4:00 PM


    All training takes place during rehearsals (see above).

Kids Music 300 Choir printable job description