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Sacred Service

“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. We believe that service to others is part of our 5-point balanced spiritual practice, and we want to create an environment where everyone feels like they are an honored guest in our home. Here at the Center, there is room for everybody, there is a space for you to be part of this spiritual family. Seva is an opportunity to express your gifts and create community. Your creativity has a place here and maybe there is a possibility for you to express in a way you have never done before.


Throughout our community and programs there are a multitude of opportunities to help ensure the smooth operation of our spiritual home. From very visible leadership to the quiet behind the scenes events, volunteer service allows people to meet others, deepen their connection to the community, and contribute to the greater good for all. As the service to the community is fulfilled, the server is filled up too.


We invite you to let us partner with you in finding your perfect place in the spiritual practice of seva!


You may directly contact any one of the following volunteer areas or visit the Concierge in Fellowship Hall after service on Sunday. For general volunteering, email volunteer [at]


Animal Connections – animalconnections [at]
Annual Auction – auction [at]
Bookstore – bookstore [at]

Center Stage Production – CSP [at]

Choir – choir [at]
Concierge – concierge [at]
Front Office – frontoffice [at]
Gourmets for God – auction [at]
Intentional Giving Program – IGP [at]
IT/ Website – webcontent [at]
Kitchen Angels – kitchenteam [at]
Marketing – marketing [at]
Outreach – outreach [at]
Rites of Passage: ritesofpassage [at]
Sound Booth/Video/LiveStream – media [at]
Sunday Service Production – sunday [at]
Ushers/Greeters – ushers [at]