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2024 Annual Pledge Campaign

In the past year our community has experienced profound transformation and change. We have emerged from the isolation of the pandemic, and we’re growing and thriving together. There is a palpable energy of love, joy, and enthusiasm in the Sunday Services and in our classes and meetings.

Today we stand on the threshold of a new phase of growth, fully prepared to ascend to higher levels of expression. 

That’s precisely why “DARE TO LEAP” is the theme for our 2024 annual pledge campaign and the overarching theme for next year. 

DARE TO LEAP calls upon each of us to step outside of our comfort zones and take a bold leap into the next chapter of our lives. Our individual courage and commitment to live more fully in our zones of genius ignites others in our orbit to do the same. Our individual spiritual transformation ripples outward and changes the world around us.

I invite you to boldly invest in your personal spiritual development and in the continued growth of your spiritual home by submitting an annual pledge for 2024. 

Once you submit your pledge, you will be a member of the Pledge Club.

Your Pledge Club Membership offers life-changing Science of Mind/spiritually-based life coaching, classes, support, and resources to help you accelerate your growth in 2024 and beyond.

What benefits are offered to me in the Pledge Club?
All Pledgers in the Pledge Club will receive benefits. The level of benefits you receive will be determined by the level of your pledge. See the table below:

Ready to take the leap? 

Click here to submit your pledge: MY 2024 ANNUAL PLEDGE

Or submit your pledge by using this link:


What is a pledge? 
A pledge is a voluntary commitment to contribute financially to Center for Spiritual Living San José for a specific period of time, typically a year. It promises to give a specific amount of money to support the annual funding of the Center.

Who should make a pledge?
Pledges are open to everyone in our community, and we encourage all members and friends to participate. Whether you are a longstanding member, a friend of CSLSJ, newcomer, or someone exploring their faith, making a pledge is a way to actively support our Statement of Being and the various ministries in our Center.

Why should I pledge?
Your pledge allows us to do the following:

Create the Annual Budget
Center for Spiritual Living San José is 100% financially supported by its members. Unlike the Baptist or the Catholic Church, or larger denominations that have accumulated wealth over many years and can financially subsidize their churches, CSL does not provide funding or subsidies for its Member Centers. 

This means that each year we raise and generate all of the dollars needed to run our ministries. This is why it is critical to fund our Annual Budget via member pledges.

Expand Classes & Workshops
In 2024 we will expand our educational offerings to include more certificated, personal development, and professional development classes and workshops to better help you elevate your health, wealth, spiritual growth, sense of purpose, relationships, and more. 

We will also be able to offer some no-cost learning experiences and resources.

Expand our Youth and Family & Other Ministries
Youth and families have been hard hit by the effects of the pandemic. In 2024, we will expand our offerings of Science of Mind spiritual tools, practices, and services to help our youth, young families, teens, and elders navigate through these turbulent times.

Expand Outreach
Last year we joined the YWCA Walk-A-Mile campaign to help end domestic violence, and we:

  • collected clothing, necessities and food for the unhoused.
  • bought work clothes for LGBTQ+ youth embarking on their first jobs.
  • collected non-toxic food and necessities for pets.


In 2024, we will expand our reach and extend a helping hand and resources to more organizations and groups who need us.

How much should I pledge?
Every pledge, no matter the amount, is a sacred offering. It is a symbol of your belief in the transformative power of our Science of Mind teachings and a powerful affirmation of your commitment to the growth and well-being of our spiritual home.

Some members pledge $50 a month, some pledge as much as $1,000+ a month, others pledge $200 a month. All are welcome.

Go within and prayerfully decide the amount of your pledge.

When should pledges be made? 
Pledges can be made between now and December 31, 2023.

Where should I submit my pledge?
You can submit your pledge in the following ways:

  1. Online by clicking here: MY 2024 ANNUAL PLEDGE
    Or by using this link: 952c30ca8571
  2. In-person at the Center by filling out a pledge card. You can find a pledge card under the seats in the Sanctuary and at the Concierge Desk.