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2021 Annual Giving Intention Program

Dear Friend, 

I pray that this finds you well and peaceful. I am – and I am writing with a smile in my soul about how much we’ve accomplished in this amazing and unprecedented year:  

  • we’ve replaced the roof on our 25,000 square foot home campus
  • we’ve presented a wildly fun and successful online auction
  • we’ve multiplied our transformational reach exponentially through worship services and spiritual education classes online
  • we’ve bought computers for children in the San Jose Unified School District
  • we’ve helped pay testing fees for underprivileged youth that are headed to college
  • we’ve donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  • we’ve supported victims of domestic violence alongside the YWCA Silicon Valley
  • we’ve partnered with local agencies to house homeless teens
  • we’ve provided supplies and anti-isolation programs to seniors
  • we’ve aided victims of the latest Northern California wildfires
  • we’ve helped to stock local soup kitchens, and;
  • we’ve still got two months left to add to this list!

2021 Giving Intention Program Name Clarification

Our former Annual Pledge Program is now called our Annual Giving Intention Program. We have changed the name to clarify the difference between our program and the type of pledge drives that happen on public broadcasting networks that require a contribution at the time of the pledge. We prefer “giving intention” because that is what our program is about — asking you what your estimated giving will be for 2021.

Why Give?

Your generous support is what keeps Center for Spiritual Living San Jose vital, growing in service, and able to translate our vision into reality. Donations large and small help us to support not only our current programs but lay a groundwork and foundation for us to grow and flourish and reach many more in our community.

If you have ever been inspired or empowered by a Center for Spiritual Living San Jose program or service, please support our community with your financial giving. Whether you can give $10 or $100,000, know that every gift is a major gift! If you regularly benefit from our teachings and community, please become a supporter and sustainer of our community through your Intentional Gift.

Intentional Giving

Intentional Giving is the fundamental building block of our budget. Your contributions make it possible for us to continue to provide accessible transformational experiences and teachings to those who otherwise may not have access.

When you commit to giving, you enter into a relationship with our community and its offerings. You determine an amount of money that you will contribute to CSLSJ throughout the year and fill out a Giving Intention Form. If you need to update your commitment at any time simply email


You have the option of choosing Auto-Give, which provides the convenience of making a recurring contribution automatically. Click below today to give a one-time contribution or schedule a recurring contribution by choosing weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly or yearly.

Become a Sustaining Donor

Sustaining donors provide CSLSJ with a dependable base of revenue used to sustain our community and help us strategically plan for our future. As a sustaining donor, your contribution is ongoing until you say otherwise, giving you complete control. Most importantly, sustaining donors have the satisfaction of knowing they are always actively doing their part to keep CSL San Jose thriving. 

When you make your Intentional Giving Commitment or Scheduled Contribution, you can become one of our Sustaining Donors. Simply select the option to have your payments ongoing until you contact CSLSJ to cancel it. (If you leave the option un-checked, your payments will stop after one year.) 

Spiritual Giving as a Form of Prayer

Spiritual Giving is an opportunity to express our gratitude, practice spiritual law, and open our consciousness to receive greater abundance. Those who are serious about their spiritual growth will see every opportunity to give as an opportunity to grow. You will benefit most from spiritual giving when you follow these simple suggestions:

Thoughts on Tithing

Tithing connects us to God and our Spiritual Community. It also invites us to bring that same giving spirit and deeper sense of connection to our work and our relationship with money.

A tithe is not viewed as a gift, but rather as a portion of our income left with Source in acknowledgement of the good we have already received and shall continue to receive in the future. Much as a farmer would return a certain percentage of his crop to the soil as seed to guarantee a future harvest, a tithe is a percentage of our abundance given automatically to that place where we feel closest to the Source. Tithing connects us to God and reminds us that It is the true source of our good.

Tithe literally means “a tenth,” but most people start with a smaller percentage – one that they are comfortable with – and work their way up as they enjoy results. Tithing is not for everybody; it is intended for those with a desire to learn to live by faith. For them, tithing is always a life-changing experience. 

Spiritual growth is a function of our willingness to make a commitment. Tithing is a tool used successfully by many to learn the power of commitment. Used correctly, tithing is a discipline that helps us develop a giving consciousness and a firm trust in the Source. 

Your Invitation to the Gratitude Event, entitled, “Money and Miracles for Mystics” workshop

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis.

Every person who submits a Intentional Giving Commitment on or before December 31, 2020 will receive entrance into to the “Money and Miracles for Mystics” workshop on Sunday, January 31st at 12:30 p.m. PST.   Dr. Kathianne is the Spiritual Director and Co-Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle.  She is known for inspiring and enriching lives worldwide. This workshop is our way of saying Thank You! for helping us complete our Annual Giving Intention Program in a timely way. If you submit your giving plan online, your ticket will be available at “Will Call” on the day of the event.

Finally, now more than ever, I am committed to keeping this community available for everyone that’s hungry for it.  I’m super-excited to be doing this with you! 


David Bruner, Barbara Valdez, and Nisa Eubanks
2021 Giving Intention Program Team Members