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Spiritual Study is one of the five pillars of a balanced Spiritual Practice. It is way of living that helps you “stay in the conversation” in a community of like-minded people, understand our philosophy more fully and experience a shift in your perspective.  We provide an array of rich opportunities to “change your thinking and change your life!”

We call our educational program the “Center for Spiritual Living University.” Generally, there are two types of classes: the “Certificated Classes” (courses certificated by “Home Office” to meet both pre-practitioner requirements and serious student needs) and “Enrichment”  (classes/workshops designed to encourage skill transfer from the course to everyday life). Both types of spiritual study are offered so that you may find exactly what you need to enrich your unique journey!

 I am transformed with every class.  …  ~Jim P.

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Contact Rev Susan Overland if you have any questions; (408) 294-1828 or

There are no Classes offered at this time


Emotional Freedom Technique

With Dana Tran, CHC, EFT & NLP Practitioner
September 12
September 26
10-11 am

Zoom Meeting ID:
893 4056 0743
Emotional Freedom Technique is a proven and effective healing method that helps to relieve physical ailments, stress, anxiety and negative emotions. This modality is based on principles that have been used in acupuncture for thousands of years – except without the needles.


With Revs. David Bruner & Susan Overland
September 27
12:30-3 pm


New membership class, Spiritual Living 101, is offered twice per year. This is a free class open to anyone who wants to learn more about the Center, and a required class for those who are interested in becoming member(s) of the Center. Pre-registration is required. NOTE: New Member Installation Sunday will be held the following Sunday, October 4th at 12:00 PM as part of the Zoom Fellowship Hall!

ZOOM LINK to be sent with Registration Confirmation


With Dorlene Russell
October 7 – October 28
1 – 2 pm

$40 for all 4 sessions if registered by September 30.
$50 after September 30.
$15 each class as drop-in.
In this Hatha Yoga class you will learn to honor and be present in your body and develop flexibility, strength, and calmness as you connect with the Divine. You will learn a variety of physical yoga postures including healthy breathing patterns and relaxation and meditation techniques which can reduce stress and build immunity. Class is gentle and suitable for all levels. Modifications given as needed.
Class combines ancient yoga traditions with advances in the modern science of mind/body connection to provide a blend of useful ways to move through life.

Student will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing and be barefoot. Also need to have a yoga mat. Other props useful are a yoga strap and block. Students will be provided a handout before first class with details. I will also provide a short bio of experience as a yoga teacher.

ZOOM Link to be sent upon registration

Complete survey; read and sign waiver of responsibility.