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Youth & Family Program

Youth Hands3

Our Youth Program provides an atmosphere of love

and trust where children are empowered

to fulfill their inherent potential

Love Week Two - 2021-02-14

Youth Sunday - Acceptance - 2021-01-31

Responsibility Week Three - 2021-01-17

Responsibility Week One - 2021-01-03

Peaceful Week Three - 2020-12-20

Peaceful Week One - 2020-12-06

Gratitude Week Four - 2020-11-22

Gratitude Week Two - 20-11-08

Bravery Week Four - 2020-10-25

2020-10-11 - Bravery Week Two

2020-09-27 - Forgiveness Week Four

2020-09-13 - Forgiveness Week Two

2020-08-30 - Youth Sunday Families

2020-08-16 - Kindness Week Three

2020-08-02 - Kindness Week One

2020-07-19 - Cleanliness Week Three

2020-07-05 - Cleanliness Week One

2020-06-21 Patience Week Three

2020-06-07 - Patience Week One

2020-05-24 - Cooperation Lesson Three

Candlelighting Ceremony

Love Week One - 2021-02-07

Responsibility Week Four - 2021-01-24

Responsbility Week Two - 2021-01-10

Peaceful Week Four - 2020-12-27

Peaceful Week Two - 2020-12-13

Youth Sunday-God is Everything - 2020-11-29

Gratitude Week Three - 2020-11-15

Gratitude Week One - 2020-11-01

Bravery Week Three - 2020-10-18

2020-10-04 - Bravery Week One

2020-09-20 - Forgiveness Week Three

2020-09-06 - Forgiveness Week One

2020-08-23 - Kindness Week Four

2020-08-09 - Kindness Week Two

2020-07-26 - Cleanliness Week Four

2020-07-12 - Cleanliness Week Two

2020-06-28 Patience Week Four

2020-06-14 Patience Week Two

2020-05-31 - God Tools for Littles

2020-05-17 - Cooperation Lesson Two

2020-05-10 - Cooperation Lesson One

Love Mouse (PDF to print and color)

Strega Nona Pot (PDF to print and color)

Pizza (PDF to print and color)

I am Responsible (PDF to print and color)

Dove (PDF to print and color)

Santa Star (PDF to print and color)

Ginger Bread Man (PDF to print and color)

I am peaceful (PDF to print and color)

TurtleCraft (PDF to print and color)

Turkeyhat (PDF to print and color)

tpbear (PDF to print and color)

Grateful Flowers (PDF to print and color)

I am grateful! (PDF to print and color)

Tiger the Scaredy Cat (PDF to print and color)

I am Brave (PDF to print and color)

Frog (PDF to print and color)

I am Forgiving (PDF to print and color)

House (PDF to print and color)

Rainbow Fish (PDF to print and color)

I am Kind (PDF to print and color)

Big Smelly Bear Craft (PDF to print and color)

Hand washing (PDF to print and color)

I am Patient (PDF to print and color)

I am Cooperative (PDF to print and color)

Youth & Family

We encourage parents to explore our youth programs in our Youth Wing because our Sunday Morning services are designed for adults. In our youth program your child(ren) will enjoy a program specially designed to fit his or her age and needs. TeensIn addition to our staffed nursery for infants and toddlers during service, we have a family room upstairs if you would prefer to remain with your child(ren). Our children’s program is available for both the 9:30 and 11 AM services.

We have critical mass for youth activities for grades K-4 and are creating special fun nights and activities to build a preteen and high school youth community. Our teens attend summer and winter camps with an international community of teens from the greater Centers for Spiritual Community.

Youth Sunday

Kids Music 300PowerTalk - Madison 300Join us every 5th Sunday for YOUTH SUNDAY, a beautiful celebration brought to you by the youth of our community!  From the music to the Insight Talk, you will be inspired by this amazing group of young people who will one day be the stewards of a world that works for everyone!Candle Lighting 300

Jennifer Bick, 83x125For more information about anything Youth & Family, contact our Youth & Family Director, Jennifer Bick, at YouthandFamily [at] or 408-221-6236.