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And You Are?

The other week, while organizing a Celebration of Life at the Center, I realized I had forgotten my name badge–Again. It sat on the counter at home patiently waiting to come along. I had a fleeting thought, “make a paper name tag,” followed by “let it go.” Which I did.


Not 10 minutes later, while reviewing the Order of Service with a guest/eulogist, he paused and said: “And you are?” I smiled. “Who am I?” What a great question. My hand went to the place for my name badge. Not there. “I am the Officiate, Rev. Maureen.” I saw the question in his eyes: “Really?” Yes. I am.


I have eight name badges, each one with “Maureen Ross,” six with more words; two, only my name. Milestones of a spiritual journey. Answers to the question: “And you are?”


Let me show you my badges:


  • Maureen Ross which I received following New Member Sunday 9/11/05. 9/11 – the day we pause to reflect and declare peace. For me, a beginning.


  • Maureen Ross Professional Practitioner Training Year One. Those who walk this path know the value of a name badge, to remember who we are in the process of opening more deeply, preparing to be with others as they ask: “Who am I?”


  • Maureen Ross Licensed Practitioner – a precious milestone in my spiritual life. Licensure imparts the privilege of being a prayerful presence with, in James Fowler’s words, a complex understanding of a multidimensional, interdependent truth. Truth declared and affirmed in the practice of prayer.


  • Maureen Ross, RScP, Volunteer Team Leader has a ladybug sticker, a reminder of being immersed in the wonder of community service and cross-collaboration. Like ladybugs.


  • Maureen Ross Staff Minister. August 2014. What began with “the Call” at Asilomar in summer 2010 answered the question I asked at six years old: Can girls be ministers, too? Yes. Girls are ministers, too.


  • Rev. Maureen Ross Staff Minister. A colleague noticed the ministers’ badges needed “Rev.” in front of the name. Good call.


  • Maureen Ross Licensed Prayer Practitioner Visioning Core Emeritus. For the 60th Anniversary of the San Jose Center in 2016, those who had served on Core teams received this lovely gift, an emeritus name badge.


  • Maureen Ross – an Avery clip-on name badge, for classes, that I create for students, with first names in Big Font that can be seen across the room.


There’s a song – “Who Am I” – by Casting Crowns:


Still You hear me when I’m calling
You catch me when I’m falling
And You’ve told me who I am:
I am Yours.


I am Yours. Immersed in the beauty of being. In each breath. Each heartbeat. In a love that transcends every question, every sorrow – love beyond time. Who am I? In the first breath that this body received, and in the last breath that I will breathe, the answer is simple: I am Yours.