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My Good Rushes Toward me as My Breakfast Rushes Away

What does Emma Curtis Hopkins have to do with breakfast and a crew working in the street?


Well… it all began in the shower. I was musing over weight loss and answered prayer. I was experiencing a subtle level of gratitude for a loss of appetite and an increased consciousness about the amount and type of food I was ingesting. I reminded myself that these little differences were part of the answered prayer: me as vibrant health.


If I ate, despite a lessened appetite, or I put the hi-carb food in my mouth when I had an awareness that I “wasn’t eating those right now,” then I was in fact saying “no” to these macro answers to the larger prayer. My “yes” to prayer is carried out when I follow the  inspiration to do those actions that would lead me down the right path toward it.


Fast forward. I am dressed and in the kitchen, preparing cheesy grits for my teenage daughter whose prayers do include eating lots of carbs. There is a bit left in the pot and I pull a spoonful to make sure there is enough cheese. They taste like I should have another bite, and I do. Yes, I am having thoughts that “these are carbs.”

I tell the answered prayer that I will accept it by eating less of the intended breakfast: two eggs and two bacon strips – no carbs. “I’ll only have one of the eggs and that will balance out to two bites of grits.”


Fast forward. I am in the car with my breakfast on the edge of the seat next to me.

I’m driving at a legal speed toward my normal left turn when I see that darn work crew again and they have the left turn blocked… AGAIN!


Awww Sh——!


I hit the brakes so I can correct my course and take the most immediate left. My breakfast, of course, goes sliding off the seat. Egg yolk, egg white bits, and parts of a slice of bacon have slammed into the carpet.


Now I am cursing… “that damn work crew, the damn yolk on the black carpet of my new car.”

My frustration and blame are gaining velocity when I suddenly say out-loud, “it’s no one’s fault but your own. You had that bowl so close to the edge of the seat and those guys were just there fixing something for the community.”


The previous night’s Inward Journey class rose in my thoughts. We are studying Emma Curtis Hopkins’ work about our “good always rushing towards us.” I realize I had cooked a whole version of the intended breakfast and that the stuff on the floor there, well it probably totaled the calories I meant to leave off in the first place. Always listening, always answering, always for and from Good!