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Can We All Go Back to Sixth Grade?

On Thursday mornings you will find me volunteering with a 6th grade class during their reading club. They take turns reading to me, and sometimes I read to them, too. They are a delightful group of students – polite, funny, sometimes quirky individuals who support and respect one another. When I take the time to look around the room at the print-rich environment that surrounds them, I deeply appreciate the life lessons that surround them, and I can’t help but wonder how well-served our world would be if we could capture what these students are learning and bottle it for everyone!

LIFE LESSON #1: Mistakes are Expected, Inspected and Respected


How wonderful to be encouraged to make mistakes; to know that someone will be looking over my shoulder – not in a “Gotcha!” sort of way, but in a way that encourages me to try again and again, to celebrate my efforts and my errors and encourage me to try, try again!


LIFE LESSON #2: Be Quotable!

Oh my! This one catches me every week and has become a point of self-reflection. If others were to quote me, would my words be a source of inspiration and influence? Or would my words be cringe-worthy? Am I quotable? Are you?




LIFE LESSON #3 – is something Miss Moorehead said to her class as they broke into their work groups, “Remember, you don’t have to agree, but you have to be listening to the other people at the table.” How many of our upsets and issues might not even happen if we simply listened to one another? Which brings me to…

LIFE LESSON #4: May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make!




I’ll just leave this right here and end with: and so it is!