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You Be You – The World Could Use the Light

If there were a way to sell authenticity, I’d probably be the star sales person with awards lining my wall. I’m absolutely and selfishly hooked on the idea and the demonstration of authenticity. My personal theory is that, as we embrace and express our authenticity, the note we came to sound becomes audible in the grand symphony of life in this reality.


I recently read a book by evidential medium, Suzanne Giesemann, titled Wolf Speaks. At one point in the story she meets a woman who is planting crystals all over the planet to heal ‘the Grid.” The grid is described as an energetic pattern of light and information which at present has holes, so that if you were to look at it from a distance it would look like various metropolitan areas lit up at night interspersed with spans of darkness. Those spans are the areas which are in need of healing and where crystals are being planted. The darkness indicates the areas where humanity is sleep walking (to interpret this with my own vernacular). Wakedness creates a signature of light on the grid. To be truly visible we must express authentically.


When we attempt to suppress our responses to life, our light dims. We become invisible and inaudible – and we begin to feel that way – often times lashing out at others as though they were to blame for our hiddenness. We forget that if we hide behind a created personality, in order to fit in, we disappear. The only outcome there can be is invisibility on some level, increasing those dark expanses on the grid.


You will find that when you, without apology:
begin saying yes, when you mean yes;
no when you mean no;
When you say ouch when it hurts and sorry when you see that you’ve harmed;
say “help” when you can’t, and “go” when you’ve had enough;
when you get that everything humans do is what it means “to be human” and can embrace yourself and your actions as part of the continuum, your light will twinkle! You’ll hear the music that you have always been a part of. You’ll find that we all have exactly what we need to deal with each other n a way that everyone wins and you’ll begin showing yet one more way to be human. You can relax now, there is no way to mess this up…


There never was.