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Events & Meetings

Join us for all of our exciting events or find the group that makes your heart sing. From thank you events, concerts and fun-raisers to regularly scheduled meetings of our On-Going Groups – it’s all right here!


Questions? Contact: Events [at]




With Debbie Slayton & Sandy Sherrill

Artwork credit: Josie Lewis
and Office Hours
January 5
– March 31
In our innovative new project, “We Are One!”, YOU are the focal point. We Are One will be a collage/compilation/mish-mashing of photos you provide. We will be creating a Cosmic Swirl of art using 2”x2” photos of you, a loved one, a pet, a family member. Please contribute a photo that will be cropped to 2x2 for symmetry and then our team of talented artists will include them in a 9’ x 9’ masterpiece! The design will be such that additions can be made as we grow! We Are One will be a colorful honoring of our belief that we truly are ONE.


Facilitated by Michele Young & Jennifer Bick
Third Sunday of each month
January 19th – December 20th
12:30 – 3:30 pm

Open to ALL:

  • Make crafts which you already love to make in the company of others (bring your own supplies)
  • Learn to make new crafts (supplies provided: love offerings accepted to cover costs)
  • Share your talents by teaching others to make something you enjoy!

We are building community and expressing our creativity through crafting and making together!
If you have a talent you can share/teach to others, please contact Michele or Jennifer in advance!


With Debbie Slayton
Third Sunday of each month
January 19th – December 20th
Starts immediately after second service
45 minutes

Each month a licensed practitioner will host Visioning in the sanctuary immediately following second service. All are welcomed to join. Having writing materials is suggested as you experience the gift of surrendering your will and opening up to Spirit’s higher “vision” for your questions. By surrendering any outcomes or pre-conceived thoughts, this practice presents an opportunity to get out of the way, and allow Spirit to direct you in any which way it can!


Facilitated by Rev. Toni Cormier
February 9
1 pm – 2:30 pm

Suggested $5 love offering but no one turned away
Saying Goodbye is showing the documentary Alternative Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America. The film offers different and interesting ways Americans are choosing to both find meaning and celebrate life as it comes to an end.



With Debbie Belmessieri, RScP
Animal Connection - Get Involved
3rd Sundays
12:30 – 1:30 pm

The purpose of the Animal Connections Group at the Center for Spiritual Living, San Jose is multi-faceted. First and foremost, the Animal Connections Group provides high watch for all of God’s creations in animal form. Whether domesticated or wild, the well-being of all animals is vital to the wholeness for the consciousness of the Global Heart.

Find out about the many different ways to become part of the Animal Connections team

Contact: AnimalConnection [at] or 408-439-8428


With Ken Rowell
2nd Tuesdays
7 – 8:30 am

Free Admission includes a continental breakfast!
"Success is a state of mind. If you want success start thinking of yourself as success" ~Dr. Joyce Brothers
Join a conversation regarding how success need not be pursued but rather be attracted by the person that inwardly feels and becomes the success he/she is claiming!

We'll share an inspiring exchange of ideas, discussion of various spiritual and business practices as well as support and an expansion of your connections. Each month there is a theme where we discuss a spiritual practice, or a personal or business value.

Contact: KenRowell [at]


With Jennifer Bick, RScP and Mary Jo Garrett, LMFT
2nd Sundays
12:30 – 2 pm

An on-going support group for caregivers. Focused on creating a safe place to express the challenges, frustrations, tears and joys of this common, yet unique caregiving experience. In addition, the facilitators wish to create a place where resources are shared and questions are encouraged. And, finally, the focus will be on assisting caregivers in discovering the value of healthy boundaries when you are being pulled in many directions.

Contact: jenniferbick [at]


With Michael Rodrigues & Michael Emens
Bi-weekly 2nd & 4th
7 – 8:30 pm

The CSL San Jose Men’s Group will provide the opportunity for men to develop and explore their abilities to openly communicate and support each other in a safe, integrous, nonjudgemental space.

Contact: michaelrodrigues [at]


With Kate Drayson
2nd Sundays
12:15 – 1:30 PM

The Outreach Team connects to groups outside the Center community. Creating a bond among communities, they initiate programs that meet on-going needs. For example, they collect stuffed animals for children, have a gift tree for elders, gather food for families in crisis and join up with the Animal Connection to provide food and blankets for pets living at the Humane Society. Their goal is to actively participate in creating a world that works for everyone.

Contact: outreach [at]


With Phyllis Gallagher
1st & 3rd Sundays
12:30 – 2:30 pm
Knit and/or crochet prayer shawls to give to our center members who are seriously ill, going through cancer treatments, or are in the hospital or nursing homes.

Bring your Yarn, Needles or Crochet Hooks plus other accessories. A shawl pattern will be handed out. Contact me if you want a pattern earlier.

We will stitch and pray in community and share our gifts with those in need.

For more information contact Phyllis Gallagher via email at phyllisgallagher [at]


1st Thursday
11 am
Lecture/Discussion of topics important to our older community members. Each month introduces a new topic.

CSL Members and Guests may REGISTER FOR FREE:

Soul Sisters

With Mary Hines
3rd Sundays
12:30 – 2 pm
If you are missing connection, support, and talking about your spiritual beliefs, then let’s get together and discover the beauty of women empowering women. Your tribe is here and waiting with open arms to lift you up and share our joys, sorrows, and wisdom!


Weekly .. Tuesday
7 – 8 pm

Open AA meeting every week in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome and we can use your support. For more information please contact Dan Jackson @ 408-728-0244 or