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Spiritual Study is one of the five pillars of a balanced Spiritual Practice. It is way of living that helps you “stay in the conversation” in a community of like-minded people, understand our philosophy more fully and experience a shift in your perspective.  We provide an array of rich opportunities to “change your thinking and change your life!”

We call our educational program the “Center for Spiritual Living University.” Generally, there are two types of classes: the “Certificated Classes” (courses certificated by “Home Office” to meet both pre-practitioner requirements and serious student needs) and “Enrichment”  (classes/workshops designed to encourage skill transfer from the course to everyday life). Both types of spiritual study are offered so that you may find exactly what you need to enrich your unique journey!

 I am transformed with every class.  …  ~Jim P.

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Contact Rev Susan Overland if you have any questions; (408) 294-1828 or



With Chris Shelton
February 27 – April 9
(seven weeks)
5 – 6 pm

Early Bird Registration: $150, Save $25

Registration at door: $175
Drop-in fee: $28
Experience great health, happiness and healing transformations with Qigong. A powerful movement-based meditation renowned for clearing and balancing blocked energy. By focusing on breath, posture and mind-intent, practitioners learn simple movements and meditations that restore harmony and balance to their body, mind and spirit.

Join us once a week for seven-weeks to gain a foundation into this simple practice with profound results.


With Rev. Meghan & Deb Dake-Morrell, Certified Soul Collage Facilitator
March 8 – December 13
2nd Sundays with two exceptions*: 3/08, 4/5*, 5/3*, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13
12:30 – 3:00 pm

Registration: $30 + $5 materials fee/ total $35
Each Session

Discover the Magic of YOU – One SoulCollage® Card at a Time!
Join us for an amazing journey inward as we use an intuitive collage process to explore our individual soul expressions. SoulCollage® is a simple, yet profound, expressive arts method used to reconnect with our individual and unique wisdom. With scissors, magazine images, glue and a little guided meditation, Rev. Meghan & Deb will guide you on a playful journey out of your head, into your body and fearlessly expressing your SOUL! Collagers & non-collagers welcome!


With Rev. Doris Hoffman
March 14 – April 18
10 am – 12 noon

Pre-registration: $130 (includes $10 materials fee)
Day of: $140

The intent of the workshop is to dive into the season we are living now, be it autumn or winter. Explore options in our aging journey for creating a plan to live more fully in the remaining years of this life. Discussion and experientials form the basis of the class as well as connection with others who just may have the same concerns. The class is for individuals over 60 years of age (unless you are experiencing early-onset of your elder years).